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Saturday 4th January 7pm

This Saturday at 7pm, the next extract will be uploaded; this time for episode 5 – ‘Dark Storms’ – written by Lewis Wollington. Dark Storms is the second part of The Girl in the Rain.
As the deadly swarm approaches, Lewis and the others are running out of time. While Shannon is stuck inside her house with a killer Cran, Lewis, James and the others find themselves surrounded in all directions. Who will make it out alive?

The Girl in the Rain (I) – by Lewis Wollington


It was the third day of continuous thunderstorms in a row. Peter was running home after his trip down to the corner shop for some milk. It was dark and tipping it down; Peter was freezing. He was breathing fairly heavily as he jogged home. He couldn’t see much through the rain dripping down off his hood but he did see the girl. He stopped.
“Are you alright?” He asked in his northern accent, confused at what was in front of him. There, sat under the lamppost, was a girl of about 16 years old embracing the rain. She said nothing and simply stared at him.
“What on Earth are you doin’ out ‘ere, it’s tippin’ it down for god sake! You should really be gettin’ yourself inside!” He said, worried for the health of the young girl. She remained silent and continued staring at him. He sighed.
“Suit yourself.” He muttered as he carried on walking. As Peter approached his front door, he could swear he saw something out of the corner of his eye: a spark of electricity. He turned around sharply to see the girl was gone. Incredibly confused and soaking wet, he went inside.
“Hi love, I’m home” he called out to his wife who was watching her daily fix of soaps she’d recorded during the day.
“Hi babe! You must be drenched!” She shouted back to him. Peter took his coat off, put the milk in the fridge and joined her on the sofa.
“Kelly, please, do we really have to watch this rubbish?” He begged.
“Shh. It’s just getting good!” There was a brief silence as they both stared at the telly like zombies.
“THAT’S HER!” Peter shouted, leaping up from the sofa and pointing at the telly.
“That’s who?” Kelly asked, annoyed her husband was interrupting.
“She was outside, just a minute ago. She was sat, underneath the lamppost, in the rain!”
“It can’t be Peter, what the heck are you on about; sit down!”
“But that’s her Kelly! She was wearing exactly the same clothes! And look, her hair’s drenched too.”
The girl on the screen had no lines rather she just stared through the television, like she did outside. Suddenly, the lights started flickering.
“What’s happening? I don’t like it.” Kelly asked looking for comfort in her husband’s arms. There was a blackout.
“I can’t see. Peter, I can’t see!” Sparks of electricity were beginning to appear around the television. The computer did the same and so did the lights. Soon, every electrical appliance in the house was sparking violently with electricity and feeding back into the television. Peter tried frantically to open the door but it kept giving him electric shocks.
“What are we gonna do?” Kelly asked, crying and fearing for her life.
“Argh!” Peter shouted, frustrated he couldn’t open the door. The buzzing of the room sounded like a thousand bees had just been released in their living room. Both of them turned to look at the television as it turned white and portal like. Slowly, the shape of a hand pushed through. Peter gave up and was hugging Kelly tightly as her tears froze with fear. Something headed towards them at unimaginable speed. A creature. They screamed, but it was too late…


Shannon could hear rattling noises and loud thumps coming from upstairs.
“Lewis…” She called up the stairs. “Lewis..?” No response. “The door was open. I let myself in. You know you really shouldn’t leave your door unlocked.” She climbed the stairs to find the ladder down from the attic. She rolled her eyes before ascending up the ladder.
“Lewis! This is A level coursework we’re talking about here! You can’t go missing it because you want to fix your spaceship or whatever it is… you’re… doing.” Lewis put his tools down when he finally heard her.
“You know if I don’t get the TMP built in time…”
“TM what now please?”
“Trans-Materialisation Platform.” Shannon looked at him blankly. “Anyway, if it’s not done in time, the paradox cannot be complete and the world will most probably end.”
“Whatever, but if you don’t turn up to your classes, you’re not gonna get good grades and your world will most definitely end.” Shannon told him sharply.
“Well…” Lewis said trying to think of excuses “I am ready for school if that helps.”
“Come on” Shannon laughed.

Saturday 28th December 7pm

Next Saturday at 7pm, the next extract will be uploaded; this time for episode 4, The Girl in the Rain, written by Lewis Wollington. Trying to settle in to Earth life for good, Lewis has joined James and Shannon in their final year of A-levels. However, with the third continuous day of thunderstorms and a swarm of lightning creatures wanting to devour the planet, school is the last thing on everyone’s mind…

Darkness Within – by Shannon Brown


James was running. Ever since he met Lewis, that was all he’d ever done. Well, running and drinking endless cups of tea. He threw the baby heads on the moor, treading carefully so as not to break his ankle. No one was sure just how much Lewis could heal.

Paying more attention to his feet than where he was going, it surprised no one when he bashed straight through Shannon and Lewis. He spilled their tea.
“Oh thanks James. That’s really lovely.” Shannon’s usually sarcastic voice grew sharper than a blade.
“Well sorry! I had more important things to worry about than-”
“If you say that there is anything more important than tea I will push you into this bog myself.”
Lewis had grown used to the childish squabbling between the two of them.
“Shut up both of you,” he exclaimed, very annoyed. When they both tried to interrupt (something else he had grown used to) he clapped a hand over each of their mouths. “No, I’m serious, can’t you hear that?” Lewis whispered softly, dreamily.
A gust of wind mussed up all of their hair, but it did far more damage than that.
A change overcame Lewis. His deep brown eyes became darker and more…alien.

Saturday 21st December 7pm

This Saturday at 7pm, the next extract will be uploaded; this time for episode 3 written by Shannon Brown. The trio find something very unusual happening on Dartmoor in this eerie and sinister story. James and Shannon notice that a mysterious entity has clearly possessed Lewis, especially when he tries to kill them…