The Second Species – By Lewis Wollington


“Lewis!” Shannon angrily whispered between her teeth attempting to stop Lewis climbing over the barrier. The barrier was only small so Lewis decided a piece of red rope between two poles wouldn’t stop him exploring. Shannon thumped James to get his attention. She pointed her head in the direction of Lewis.
“Oh god” James muttered as they both tried to sneakily run after him.
“Where are you going?” Shannon questioned in a voice that clearly showed her confusion. “This area has obviously been sealed off for a reason, you can’t just go storming in!” She continued, trying to lecture Lewis in the do’s and don’t’s of Earth.
“If you’re looking for alien gismos or whatever, why would on Earth would they be in a National Trust house?” James joined in, still unsure on whether his first alien encounter was real or not.
“You heard May yesterday, what happened in ’45 has never been solved and I’m determined to solve it.” He announced, not letting anyone get in his way.
“Well maybe that’s because everyone else who’s attempted to solve the case has mysteriously disappeared! Coincidence? I think not.” Shannon shouted, the volume of their voices slowly increasing as the three of them stormed down isolated corridors of the mansion.
“What if the same thing happens to us, eh? What if we get kidnapped, murdered or whatever, what happens then?” James asked bringing everyone to a halt.
“I’m not gonna let that happen” Lewis tried to assure them in a softer tone of voice, turning around and looking them both in the eyes.
“And why should we trust you? Shannon questioned, “We’ve only just met you for god sake, we don’t even know if your real. How are you gonna save us from the evils of… a murderer for example?” she continued trying to make him see reason. There was a silence as Lewis saw how he had been rushing them into his own crazy world reflected in both of their eyes’. He saw James’ face drop as his eyes moved to look at something behind Lewis. Lewis followed his gaze and turned around silently to find a body on the floor.
“Oh my god” Shannon muttered to herself as they ran over to investigate. There in front of them laid a plain white body. It looked like a man in a morph suit but this wasn’t it. This was real, a living creature with a white skin-like material covering it’s body.
“What is it?” James asked quietly wondering if it was feeling pain.
“Is it alive?” Lewis asked Shannon, the girl who hoped to one day be a doctor.
“I dunno.” She replied, unsure what was in front of her. She put her bag down on the floor as she scrambled through it and pulled out a stethoscope. She quickly put the ear pieces in and put it against the left side of the body’s chest. Lewis watched her as she moved the stethoscope to the middle of it’s chest. She slowly moved it away.
“Found something?” He asked inquisitively.
“Have a listen” she said, passing the stethoscope over to Lewis. He copied Shannon’s movements and put it against the middle of the creature’s chest. He heard it too. A dying heartbeat. He took the ear pieces out and passed it over to James who proceeded to listen also. As he took the stethoscope out of his ears, all three remained knelt around the body and simply stared it.
“It’s alive.” James said feeling somebody had to state the obvious.
“What is it?” Shannon asked not really expecting the other two to know.
“It’s humanoid.” Lewis said trying to create a list in his head to help him work out what it was .
“What are we going to do with it? We can’t just leave it here” Shannon asked, feeling sorry for the poor thing.
“We have to.” Lewis said trying to sound as sympathetic as possible. “There’s not an awful lot else we can do really.”
James had an idea. “Shannon…” He said. “You don’t happen to have any of those injection thingys. It’s just we could take some blood samples or something”. She shook her head without looking away from the creature. James looked down disappointed. Mutually, the three of them stood up at the same time, Lewis’ knees clicking as he got up from his uncomfortable position. Without a word, they slowly made their way out of the private area and back into the ‘real’ world.



2 thoughts on “The Second Species – By Lewis Wollington

  1. I opened your post from daily post comments.
    And read randomly two: this one and invisible man.
    I liked both of them.
    Though the only complain is that I want to read more and since you only gave extracts I can’t.

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