Darkness Within – by Shannon Brown


James was running. Ever since he met Lewis, that was all he’d ever done. Well, running and drinking endless cups of tea. He threw the baby heads on the moor, treading carefully so as not to break his ankle. No one was sure just how much Lewis could heal.

Paying more attention to his feet than where he was going, it surprised no one when he bashed straight through Shannon and Lewis. He spilled their tea.
“Oh thanks James. That’s really lovely.” Shannon’s usually sarcastic voice grew sharper than a blade.
“Well sorry! I had more important things to worry about than-”
“If you say that there is anything more important than tea I will push you into this bog myself.”
Lewis had grown used to the childish squabbling between the two of them.
“Shut up both of you,” he exclaimed, very annoyed. When they both tried to interrupt (something else he had grown used to) he clapped a hand over each of their mouths. “No, I’m serious, can’t you hear that?” Lewis whispered softly, dreamily.
A gust of wind mussed up all of their hair, but it did far more damage than that.
A change overcame Lewis. His deep brown eyes became darker and more…alien.


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