Dark Storms (II) – by Lewis Wollington

The sports hall was silent as the refugees sat patiently, questioning their survival. The wind howled through the gaps in the doors while the rain fell loudly on the metal roof.
“What are we gonna do?” A tired James mumbled.
Lewis shrugged. “I dunno.” He replied half-heartedly. The rain continued to pour.
“Those… Creatures. What are they? I don’t understand. Why are they here?” Miss Matthews sobbed as she wiped a tear away from her face.
Lewis sighed. “They’re called Cran. They came in the lightning and travel through electricity and… the reason they’re here is to… well… devour the planet.” Lewis answered, staring aimlessly down at the floor.
“And, those weird suits they were wearing?” Jacob asked taking an interest. “To travel through the rain right?”
“The suits are made of silicon. It’s waterproof and it can conduct a small amount of electricity; perfect conditions for the Cran to walk through the rain without committing suicide.” Lewis replied, almost admiring the Cran’s intelligence.
James had a plan. “So we could just kill them all with water?”
“We could slash the suits or something?” Brandon joined in.
“I told you, there’s a swarm coming that’s big enough to devour the entire planet and I’m not talking about a few, I’m talking… billions and billions of… deadly lightning bolts that will leave nothing behind. Nothing.” Everyone stared at Lewis as they attempted to swallow the home truths.

The group was once again silent as they listened to the wind and rain slowly increasing to impossible volumes. When you thought it couldn’t get any louder, it did. Tears were streaming down Miss Matthews’ face as she rocked back and forth silently, too scared to make a sound. Edwin sat crossed legged, staring into space, wondering how his parents were managing the takeaway without him. Tommy leant back to lay on the floor. He put his hands together on his chest and stared at the roof that was probably about to collapse on top of him. All Jacob could think about was the fact that his childhood dreams of fighting monsters were nowhere near as fun as he thought it would be. Then there was James. He’d been attacked by alien sand-cats, haunted by an abandoned mansion and nearly killed by Lewis, but this was by far the most scared he’d ever been. He had his legs crossed and had resulted to drawing patterns in the dust on the floor. Finally there was Lewis. The dark and empty hall was starting to creep him out more than the abandoned half of Gallow House. He stood up sharp as a loud knocking on the door interrupted his chain of thought. This was no ‘please let me in, I’m a damsel in distress’ knock; this was a ‘let me in, I want to eat you’ knock. The knock was repeated on the door the other side of the hall. As the whole group leapt to their feet and weren’t sure which direction to look in, the knocking was getting louder and louder. The Cran were closing in and this time, they’re taking no prisoners…



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