Eden – By Lewis Wollington

(The following story introduces new team member Lana Jones)

“I think I heard someone.” James mentioned bringing the three of them to a stand still. The trio just stood there listening out for not-sure-what, not moving in case they made a sound.
“You sure?” Lewis asked, slightly confused.
“Open the door!” A shouting from the distance called out.
“Okay, now I definitely heard someone.” James smiled as Shannon ran over to open the door. All three of them peered in as they saw a girl running towards them. She was running down a long corridor made of murky, brown bricks with dim lighting. She was being chased; a group of humanoid figures that ran very awkwardly, like zombies. Lewis, James and Shannon all looked at each other, very confused as to what was happening. The zombies were catching up. They began shouting encouragement:
“Hurry!” Shannon desperately called out.
“Come On!” Lewis yelled, beckoning her towards him with his hand. She was incredibly close now. Just a few more metres…
“Shut the door!” she panted as she legged it through the exit, heavily out of breath. Shannon slammed the door quick, narrowly avoiding a close encounter with zombies. The girl had her hands on her knees, attempting to recover her breath back. James tried to make sense of the situation.
“What the heck…” The girl put her hand up as a gesture for him to stop talking. Shannon stared in amazement.
“Sorry… Sorry… Phew!…” The girl said between breaths, now standing up properly. She held her hand out for a handshake. “I’m Lana. Lana Jones. Oh, and, thank you for saving my life, it has been noted.” Lewis just stared at her out-stretched hand, scrunching his nose up because he didn’t know what to do.
“You shake it.” Shannon pointed out to Lewis, trying to help him seem normal. Now Lana was confused.
“Uh, I’m Lewis. Just Lewis.” He replied, shaking her hand, still staring at her in amazement.
“Shannon Brown.” Shannon said, exchanging friendly smiles with Lana as they shook hands. “And this is James.”
“Hi, nice to meet you; James Hardy” James stuttered, a bit nervous as he always was when meeting new people.
“Well that’s that sorted. Now, I’m sure you’re all wondering what the hell is going on.” Lana said.
“As a matter of fact, yes we are.” James answered quite abruptly.
“Me too, shall we go and find out?” She teased, walking away to investigate. Lewis exchanged eye contact with Shannon, his jaw was dropping. He blinked fast attempting to snap himself out of it before they all simultaneously followed, even if James was a little reluctant.



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