My first Doctor Who convention experience.

... That's what people do, isn't it?? Write a blog?

Firstly, thank you to one of my best friends, Lewis, for inviting me to go in the first place.

Yesterday, I went to Plymouth Who, a Doctor Who convention-thingy based in my home city, Plymouth. It was to celebrate Tom Baker’s 80th birthday. Happy birthday Tom Baker!

It was amazing!

For the first time I sat and watched an entire ‘Classic Doctor Who’ story, with Tom Baker and Louise Jameson. It was called the Horror of Fang Rock, and, surprisingly, I enjoyed it immensely. The first episode was a bit slow, and I found my thoughts wondering to more current events. But then the second episode came on. I was hooked on the story line! To those teens my age, who think Classic Who is boring because “the Doctor isn’t hot,” or “there’s not enough action,” the storyline is one of my favourites. Next to Blink, but then, I do…

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