The Fear by Lewis Wollington

Lewis ran into the room. It was dark and cold. He had no idea what was lurking there but he was almost certain he wasn’t going to like it. He could hear footsteps walking towards him. Slowly, with a similar sound to high heeled boots. Lewis stood frozen on the spot, not sure what his next twisted challenge would be. His jaw was twitching as he breathed heavily through his nose. The footsteps got closer and closer until a figure was stood in front of him. It was wearing a massive grey dress that looked like peasant clothes from the Medieval times. It drew a grey veil from over its face. It was a woman. Her face was ice cold grey and had a few strange patterns on it.
“Is this the exit?” Lewis asked, wondering why he wasn’t facing another of his fears.
“In your dreams, if you pardon the pun.” She said. She had an innocent voice yet it was evil and gave you shivers. It echoed eerily. Lewis was fearing her already.
“Where am I?” He demanded, “Who are you?”
“I am The Nightmare. I make people like you run round labyrinths containing their biggest fears. When it’s not lunch it’s entertainment.” She smirked.
“You’re sick.” Lewis spat.
“You’re scared of sick aren’t you?”
Lewis bent over and threw up just the once. He stood upright and wiped his mouth with a shaking hand, extremely scared of the power she possessed.
“Come on then! What’s it all for? What do you mean ‘lunch’ and ‘entertainment’?” He imitated.
“You see, I feed off fear. Your fear, Lana’s fear, James’ fear.” She listed.
“They’re alive?” He muttered.
“For now.” She smiled cruelly. “I like to get the most out of my meals. I let you scare yourselves silly first. Then I get my henchmen to discard of you.”
“Discard of us? Where?”
“Do you know where you are?” She quickly butted in.
“No.” He replied.
“You’re inside your head; I’m inside your head. All of this is going on… Inside your head.”
“I really don’t get it.”
“Let me tell you a little story. So I was a little peckish the other day and I hadn’t a proper meal in a while. So, I worked my magic and ‘crashed’ your train, putting individuals on board into comas. When in the coma, it enabled be to infiltrate your brain waves and feed off your living conscience.” She explained.
“In puny mind terms?!” He asked baffled.
“I create a living nightmare inside your head. There, I feed off your fear as you face your worst nightmares. My henchmen aren’t far behind you and when they catch up… Well, you are ‘discarded’. Forget your coma, you’ll be dead.”
“And… everyone from on board the train is in the same situation?”
“Some failed straight away of course and made lovely light snacks. Others on the other hand were too fearless and weren’t even worth a try. You and your friends however, you have stamina, but you also have your fears; making you lot the perfect feast!” She explained. Lewis heard some banging noises from behind him; he turned around worried.
“Is there a way…” He turned back around to find The Nightmare gone. “..out.” He sighed to himself.

* * *

“Hello? Can anybody hear me?” Shannon called down the aeroplane’s microphone. “Anybody? Please!” No one there. She looked up to see mountains in the distance, yellowed by a dying sunset. Mountains of rock and stone; mountains of death and destruction. Her death and destruction.

The Fear


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