Terror of London (I) – by Lewis Wollington

Lewis slumped on the bed.
“Room with a view.” He said commenting on the scenery. Putney Bridge had been illuminated by buildings on both side as the Thames passed underneath it. James continued unpacking.
“How come we can bring ONE suitable sized suitcase between us yet they need to bring along half their bedrooms?” He rhetorically asked almost violently unpacking, desperate to get it done and out of the way.
“One of life’s mysteries I guess.” Lewis replied, staring outside in awe.

“I wonder how they’re getting on next door?” Lana remarked. Both girls had nearly finished unpacking already, despite the fact they had bought almost twice as much as the boys.
“I bet you they’re sat in there staring at that blimen telly!” Shannon laughed.
“Lewis will be daydreaming no doubt!” Lana said over her shoulder to Shannon, not even having to look at what she was doing.

“They’re probably having a make-up party or something.” James speculated. “I mean come on, let’s be honest, they’ve probably got an entire dressing table stored away in one of those suitcases!”
“And they’ll be in their pyjamas!” Lewis added. “They’ve gotta be in pyjamas?” He laughed, now his turn to unpack the suitcase.

“Done.” Lana sighed, looking proudly at the empty suitcase on the bed. “Ooh look! Free sachets!” Lana exclaimed, easily pleased. “And we’ve got a kettle!” She gasped in excitement. “We can have tea whenever we like! And there’s flavoured!”
“Well I’ll just be having the normal thank you! It’s what makes me British!” She beamed.

James stared at their kettle. “I reckon, Shannon’s already talking about tea.” he said, pointing at the kettle on the shelf.
“One things for sure and that’s that she won’t be having any of these exotic ones!” Lewis said, reading the names of the different flavours. “It’s what makes her British.” Lewis imitated in a posh accent.

“I think I’m gonna go bed you know.” Shannon said, calling it a day.
“Already?” Lana asked.
“Yeah, James’ll be up early and I’d rather wake up on my own accord than have him banging on my door!”
Lana laughed. “I know the feeling!”
Both girls were already in their pyjamas and ready for bed for it meant they wouldn’t have to do it when they got tired. Lana walked over to her lamp to switch it on as Shannon got into bed. She then went over to the main switch and turned the lights off before getting into her bed.
“Excited for tomorrow?” Lana asked, officially drawing her day to a close.
“Mega excited!” Shannon replied with a big smile on her face.
“Night Shannon.” She smiled to herself.
“Night Lana.”
Lana turned out her light; all that could be seen was the curtain of night. However, the same could not be said for the boys’ room. Both guys had fallen asleep on top of their beds, fully clothed with every single light in the room on. It seems they were more tired than they thought.


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