Nuclear Planet (II) – By Lewis Wollington

Shannon looked around to see the man from earlier staring at them.
“Where were we?” Shannon asked.
“Getting off!” Lewis announced as they both leaped out of their seats and into the wilderness of London’s underground; South Kensington to be precise. Lewis briefly observed a sign pointing to the exit as they legged it through the tunnels, weaving in and out of tutting passengers. The man was close behind them, fast walking but still keeping up.

A siren echoed around the room. “Nuclear Planet failed. Nuclear Planet failed.” The interface kept announcing. The Crabatchi turned their feasting eyes from off Lana and James and onto their reactor.
“What’s happening?!” The female Crabatchi demanded staring at the scientist.
“Run!” The woman shouted, making a run for it herself. James and Lana took no chances; they were straight out that door. One of the male beasts started chasing after them.

After shoving people out of the queue, Lewis forced his card through the machine. Shannon reluctantly followed aware she faced death if she didn’t. The man, still in pursuit, smashed a powerful punch through the machine. The gate let him through.
“Keep running!” Lewis shouted over to Shannon.
“What? Down there?”
“Yes down there, COME ON!” Shannon started running again, already starting to slow down. They were now running down the tunnel leading out of South Kensington tube station; and there was a long way to go yet.

“It’s coming after us!” Lana yelled in an attempt to motivate herself and the others.
“This way.” The scientist said opening a door that let to a spiral staircase. They’d only made it down one flight of stairs when the top doors crashed open.
“Change of plan.” James announced taking the lead. He lead off the staircase and into a room of astronomy. As well as scared, he felt smart knowing he knew more about the universe than the Science Museum. This was no time for pride though; he could hear the thumps and scuttling of the creature’s strange anatomy crawling after them. It was catching up.

Lewis and Shannon were running side by side. Not wanting to speak and not daring to give up they ran on. The man was throwing alien explosive devices all over the tunnel. Massive explosions were occurring behind them. Innocent people were getting caught up in the blasts as the man just walked through the fire. The man started throwing the explosives further. He knew he wasn’t going to catch them in time so he employed huge fireballs to do his dirty work instead. Now mere shadows against a backdrop of raging fire, Lewis and Shannon were nearing the exit; but the explosions were getting closer.

“That’s the exit!” Lana exclaimed as she ran over to the double doors. “Oh come on, COME ON!” She cried out in frustration as she shook the locked doors.
“It’s coming for us!” James yelled as the Crabatchi came into view.
“Move out the way.” Lana ordered as she ran over to a fire extinguisher. She turned around as a cheeky smile consumed her face and ran towards the doors. With one swift movement the extinguisher smashed through one of the giant window panes.
“Out out out!” She cried, looking back at the creature one last time.

Lewis and Shannon emerged from the tunnel.
“Get down!” He shouted. Without hesitation, they leapt to the floor as a huge fireball narrowly avoided engulfing them. Both turned their heads to find they had survived the attack. Lana, James and the scientist ran over to them and helped them to their feet.
“Are you alright?!” Lana asked in shock.
“Yeah we’re fine. Now quickly, get hold of that taxi!” Lewis replied.
All five of them ran out into the road and piled into the taxi as fast as possible.
“Putney bridge please.” Shannon announced to the driver, panting. The taxi drove off as the man appeared from out of the tunnel, defeated but not giving up. He walked into the museum through the broken glass in order to rejoin the aliens.


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