The Prophets of Arhania – By Lewis Wollington

“She’s done some stupidly stupid things before but I don’t thing anything is ever gonna top this.” James said, not moving as he stared with his eye wide open. Next to him was Lana and Lewis, realising the danger of the situation already.
“We can’t get back, can we?” Lana asked Lewis.
Lewis hesitated “… No”. The three of them were stood on an ocean of dust marvelling at a city made of sand.
“It’s kinda stunning though.” James muttered in an attempt to fill his empty mind with thoughts.
“Well, seen as we’re spending the rest of our lives here, shouldn’t we meet the locals?” Lana asked walking ahead in attempt to spur them on.
“Uh huh.” Lewis replied, not even half-heartedly. The planet’s Sun blazed down on them. They started their trek towards the city, striding slowly as the dense heat closed in on them.

Shannon walked around Lewis’ attic in circles, hitting her head with the palm of her hand as if it would make her suddenly think up a solution.
“Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid,” she muttered to herself repeatedly. How was she ever going to get them back? She could barely use Microsoft Word let alone reprogram an alien teleport system to reverse the flow of transportation energy. “Lewis, James and Lana… they could be anywhere!” She thought to herself. How could she risk her life to make sure Lewis completed the paradox yet not listen to a simple instruction literally metres from the finish line? She took a deep breath through her mouth and released it through her nose in an attempt to calm herself down. She closed her eyes and tried to clear her mind. Not that it would bring them back.

Lewis, Lana and James were strolling down some kind of market street. They hadn’t spoken to each other for about 10 minutes yet it was starting to feel like a cultural holiday. About half of the… creatures there were human. The other half were aliens, but friendly (which made such a nice change). One woman, (they think it was a woman) asked Lana if she wanted to buy some kind of fruit. She didn’t speak English, (though this was to be expected), rather a strange cross between clicking and talking a foreign language. Lana politely put her hand up and shook her head.
“No thanks.” She muttered. “As if she’d understand.” She thought to herself.

The Prophets of Arhania 2


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