What’s New?

The Paradox blog has had a small makeover recently in order to develop the stories further and receive more feedback.

The new Galleries page features stills and photos from the episodes across Series 1. The Impossible Man is up now!

The also new Videos page will showcase all the teasers, trailers, scenes and behind the scenes videos that The Paradox has to offer. The first Series 1 teaser trailer is up now as well as a bonus behind the scenes video.

Before today, the Episodes page featured merely a list of the episodes in Series 1. From today though, you can now click on the name of the episode [extract] you’d like to read and you’ll be directed straight there!

After you’ve had a read through some of the Series 1 extracts, go onto our Polls page and vote for your favourites. This way, I can find out which episodes you are enjoying best and how to carry on in the future. Or, if you don’t know which one you want to read, find a suggestion.

I hope you enjoy all the new features on the blog and that it will make your Paradox experience that bit more enjoyable!



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