Christmas in Manhattan – By Lewis Wollington

Shannon climbed up the ladder and skipped around Lewis’ attic for a bit. She was full of the Christmas spirit and could think of nothing else. Lana on the other hand wasn’t really too bothered buy it all and was more interested in the transmat platform. She had her glasses on that helped her read on the computer. She didn’t like them much but no one else could deny that she pulled off the attractive nerd look pretty well. She was reading up on exciting places in history as well as what’s predicted to happen in Earth’s future. Now the time crystal was properly theirs to use, she didn’t want to waste the limited trips available. Concentrating hard on what she was doing, she wasn’t the only one. James was also in a festive mood like Shannon and loved putting up Christmas decorations. He realised that his efforts were probably wasted, but he wanted Lewis to experience Christmas the way everybody should. He was perched on top of a small stepladder hanging tinsel everywhere he could in an attempt to make the attic that bit more colourful for Christmas. Lewis however was too deep in thought to notice all the hard work James was putting in as he was submerged in his new book. Shannon skipped over to behind Lewis’ chair and stopped for a moment to read.
“What ya reading?” Shannon asked.
“Great Gatsby” Lewis replied. He carried on reading as Shannon stood behind in a state of shock. Lana turned around and peered over the top of her glasses. She knew something wasn’t right.
“What’s wrong?” she asked.
“What’s wrong?!” Shannon exclaimed. “What’s wrong?! He’s reading the book I bought him for Christmas!” Lewis turned around to look at Shannon.
“Christmas EVE. What don’t you understand about Christmas EVE. You’re supposed to open it TOMORROW!”
“Ohhh” Lewis said, biting his lip.
“You mean you’ve opened my biscuits as well?!” James inquired, horrified. Lewis looked at James awkwardly.
“Actually, I’ve only opened Shannon’s so far”
“I think you need to make it up to is somehow” Lana suggested with an idea in mind.
“But I haven’t done anything to you” he argued. Lana gave him a look.
“Okay.” Lewis said. “Okay. Who wants to use the transmat platform?” He was finally getting the hints.
“Oh I do!”
“Yes please!”
“Brilliant idea Lewis!”
He sighed; and then he looked down. A cheeky smile consumed his face. He held up his book.
“Christmas in Manhattan?”


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