Series 2: All Titles Revealed

Join Lewis, Shannon, James, and Lana for 13 exciting new adventures as they battle monsters, villains, and their own inner demons…

Stay tuned for the Series 2 Episode Guide coming up over the next few weeks, but for now, I leave you with the episode titles for every episode of Series 2.

1. Colony of the Future
2. The Enemy of Disease
3. The Sun Dancers
4. The Normal People
5. The Blood of Stones
6. Parisian Nights
7. The Empress Armageddon
8. Night of the Worms
9. Tribal
10. The Frozen Planet
11. The Doppelgänger Effect
12. Invasion
13. The End of the Line

Extracts for Series 2 of the Paradox begin Saturday 27th December at 7pm