Colony of the Future (I) – by Lewis Wollington

Episode 1 - Colony of the Future (James, Lewis, Shannon, Lana)

What’s Happened So Far:
For their first trip into the future, Lewis, James, Lana, and Shannon have decided to visit Earth in the year 200,000. However, they are disorientated to find themselves in pitch black darkness…

Music for this Extract:

“Are you sure we’re in the right year? We’re not in, like, 200,000BC before light was invented are we?” Lana asked, blinded by the sheer darkness that engulfed her surroundings.
“I thought the future would be bright lights and spaceships and aliens living amongst humans,” Shannon remarked, dreamily.
“Yeah yeah I’m sure there will be, it’s probably, like, night time and… they’re trying to conserve energy or something,” Lewis hoped.
“Then where are the stars?” James joined in bluntly.
“Okay, maybe we’re in a tunnel. I don’t know, I’ve never been to the future before, how am I supposed to know where we are? Anyway, where’s your sense of adventure, guys?”
“We’re in a tunnel alright, one that goes on forever by the seems of it!” Lana said, “And for the record, my sense of adventure disintegrated about ten minutes ago when I realised that the light at the end of this tunnel is quite a way away. In fact there’s still no sign of it now!”
“James, don’t you have a flashlight on your phone?” Shannon asked.
“Yeah, but I haven’t got any signal have I?”
“You don’t need signal to use a flashlight you idiot,” Lana poignantly stated.
“Oh yeah,” he whispered, embarrassed, and pulling the phone out of his pocket. As the light raced down the corridor of eternity, anticipation turned to disappointment, with a side order of creepily frightened. What lay both in front and behind was a network of tunnels, rusting away as thick soot rested its weary head on metal beams.
“The year 200,000 and this is what the human race has come to?” Shannon muttered, quite upset at what she was seeing. “Nothingness.”
“But there’s got to be some people around here somewhere, surely?” Lana said, as if saying that would make the human race magically appear in front of her.
“Ummm, guys,” Lewis stuttered. The three of them turned around in horror.
“Posh. Scum,” a voice from behind Lewis spat. None of them dared to move as a knife edge danced ever-so-slightly on the stood up hairs of Lewis’ neck. It was a girl holding it, a girl in a soldiers outfit, who spoke with such vengeance in her voice. A girl who had lived the worst life ever lived, yet carried on fighting to win freedom for the future. A girl who was out for revenge, and would stop at nothing to get it. For this wasn’t just any old girl, this was Emily Coleman – history in the making.

Colony of the Future Music:

Music for Cliffhanger


As Lana prepares the rebels for one last battle; Lewis, Emily, and James, hide from the Androids amongst cargo. However, the Androids know they are there as their masters have been watching on hidden cameras. As the masters speak through the Androids, they capture James amongst the cargo. Before he is injected unconscious, James proclaims he is the only one there. The masters announce that seen as he is the only one, it’s perfectly acceptable to blow up the cargo. Lewis and Emily’s eyes widen in horror as they find out the cargo contains thousands of explosives. Meanwhile, James wakes up inside the citadel in a vast chamber of pods containing the last of the human race. There in front of him, a diseased Shannon has been frozen in suspended animation…

Next Time:
The Enemy of Disease: Part 2 of 2. As Shannon fights for her life, Lewis and Emily must fight for theirs as they are trapped on their way to the citadel. Meanwhile, Lana and James must work together without any form of communication to infiltrate the enemy base. Can they defeat the Androids and their masters before the human race is wiped out forever?


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