Parisian Nights – by Lewis Wollington


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What’s Happened So Far:
Brandon calls the team out for an investigation in Paris where he is out on a business call. However, when Lewis goes missing amongst the mayhem, reinforcement is called for in the form of Tommy and Edwin. While Brandon, James, and Shannon keep watch at a suspicious masquerade ball recreation, Tommy and Edwin investigate the underground passageways below…

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Tommy and Edwin could feel the walls closing in around them. They were aware of the fact that their friend might be in grave danger, but they were also rather conscious of the guards patrolling the lower levels – and the guns they were carrying too. There was a musty and damp smell in the air as their shoes waded through heavy water. Mould grew up desolate brick walls that hid in the shadows of the night, water dripped from the ceiling in an irregular rhythm of drops, lights flickered as the storm raged on over Paris; but still no sign of Lewis. Their torches were weak. All they could see was a mere few metres in front of them, which was no good if a guard was to spring out of nowhere; but the search continued.

James, Shannon, and Brandon scouted the pseudo 15th century masquerade ball. Modern men danced with modern ladies as the recreation ignored the present day burdens of French beauty. James’ eyes were drawn to the ceiling as the most exquisite and magnificent chandelier he’d ever seen flickered ever-so-slightly. It’s candelabra lamps continued to shine like diamonds as if nothing had happened. James didn’t think much of it, but he decided to keep it at front of his mind. Shannon swanned over to him as her spectacular dress hovered along on a slight breeze.
“Anything?” she muttered, as if she was an undercover agent.
“The chandelier flickered,” James mentioned.
“Is that all?” she quietly laughed to herself.
James smiled. “Any sign of Lewis?” he changed his tone.
“Not yet,” she sighed.
“Ah, well, just keep looking,” he said.
“I will,” she replied as she continued to survey with eagle eyes.

“Stop!” Tommy whispered imperatively, putting his hand out onto Edwin’s shoulder.
“What is it?” he asked.
“I think there’s someone behind us, come on.” The pair of them began to stumble down the narrow corridors, trying not to make a sound. Edwin’s torchlight caught something just to the left of them.
“Look!” he gleamed.
“Quick get it open!” Tommy ordered, as they tugged at the stiff door handle. Both of them were forced back as the tight door finally gave in to the pressure.
“Lewis!” Edwin’s eyes lit up as he saw him, looking rather drowsy and disorientated.
“Where am I?” he grumbled as they helped him out, one arm each.
“Well, you were inside a cupboard underneath a recreational masquerade ball in Paris,” Tommy explained with a humorous undertone in his voice. Lewis’ eyes widened, it was like he had just woken up.
“Paris?!” he exclaimed. “I know exactly what’s going on.”
“What?” Edwin asked, unconvinced and confused.
“Come on, we’ve got to warn them!” he declared with urgency.

Lewis emerged from the top of stairs at one of doors to the masquerade ball. His eyes daren’t blink as he desperately sought an answer on how to get everybody out in time.
“Lewis!” Shannon beamed as she saw him standing in the doorway with Tommy and Edwin.
“LISTEN TO ME EVERYONE, YOU ARE ALL IN SERIOUS DANGER. YOU HAVE TO GET OUT OF HERE, RIGHT NOW!” With that, chaos commenced as the huge windows were smashed to the ground. Everyone jumped out of their skin and headed straight for the exit as creatures rammed their fists through the glass like sledgehammers. Shannon’s jaw lowered in absolute terror as she recognised the monstrosities around her.
“Cran!” Tommy exclaimed, “but they’re all dead, I was there, I watched them burn!” he protested.
“Obviously some remained in the atmosphere, come on, we have to get out of here.” Lightning bolts were fired from hands with complete force as the people of Paris were struck down one by one. About twelve Cran had now descended on the huge hall as the pandemonium continued. James was being swept away with the fleeing dancers as he desperately tried to move backwards, “Shannon, where are you?” Brandon was already at the exit as he looked in on the mayhem. “James, come on, get out!” he called, not realising what James was shouting for. As Lewis and Tommy got lost in the crowds too, Edwin spotted Shannon on the floor, swept off her feet by the escapees.
“It’s alright, I’m here.” He helped her up by her hands and supported her as they crouched amongst crowds from the Cran. Lewis finally reached the exit to find Brandon and Tommy already there.
“Where are the others?” he questioned. Brandon seemed to ignore him as he went back into the crowds to pull James from the wreckage.
“But Shannon and Edwin are still in there!” The remaining guests screamed as they noticed the Cran barricading the exit.
“NO!” James yelled as he saw Edwin and Shannon disappear through the gap of the closing doors. James looked around helplessly to find Lewis just staring out of the window. His theory stood right in front of him, 300 metres tall. The Eiffel Tower was being used as a conductor for the remaining Cran scattered in the atmosphere to get from the sky and down to Earth. Lewis was stumped.

Edwin and Shannon stuck together as they looked around in horror. The Cran seemed to have ceased fire and formed a circle around the remaining victims. There was a creepy silence as the monsters just stared, lifeless, emotionless.
One of them spoke in the robotic and monotonous voice that was oh-so-familiar to Edwin and Shannon, “You will come with us for testing.”

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While Brandon, James, and Shannon ponder where Lewis has got to, a cleaner at the Eiffel Tower is murdered by a mysterious creature in flickering lights…

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The Empress Armageddon: 7 of 13. When James finds his old boss, Christine, has opened a new Japanese restaurant in Torquay, old suspicions are brought to the forefront as he begins to question some of her previous actions. With reported sightings of an Empress walking around town wanting to summon a dragon from the sea, are the silly stories and superstitions a load of old rubbish, or are they a lot darker than they first seemed?


The Blood of Stones (II) – by Lewis Wollington

Episode 5 - The Blood of Stones (The Ungeist)

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What’s Happened So Far:
After Lana’s death, the team decide to mark the start of a new ordinary life with a trip to the Black Forest. Barely talking to one another, Lewis moves into a state of depression while James and Shannon constantly remind themselves what happened. When they arrive, Lewis locks himself away in his bedroom, while Shannon and James explore what turns out to be quite an eerie village. When they meet an alien princess however, they vow to keep her safe from the bloodthirsty Matron and her demonic Ungeist. When all four are cornered by Ungeist, Lewis runs into the Black Forest, Shannon and Ari go back to the house while James hides away in the church…

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Ari’s eyes widened in horror as the Ungeist poured into the abandoned street. Coming in from north, east, and west, they walked with their hands together and their hoods up, slowly and in single file. Shannon quickly snapped out of her bored state of mind and rose from her chair in shock. Her mind rushed into overdrive as the cogs worked hard to find a decent solution in such a short time.
“BARRICADE THE DOOR!” she called out to Ari as the first Ungeist opened the front gate. Quickly joining Ari in the porch, Shannon frantically grabbed anything she could and desperately shoved it in front of the doorway. Shards of glass were flying everywhere as tables were smashed up against the entrance.
While everything around her moved at rapid speed, Shannon’s heart suddenly froze in terror, “Can they get in through the garden?”

Lewis looked around the caliginous and never-ending Black Forest, a tenebrous figure was lurking, he could feel its presence amongst the darkened mist, he just couldn’t see it. The Ungeist had followed him out of the house. He hadn’t got away yet but he was going to keep trying.

Ari kept piling furniture from the porch and lounge on top of the building heap as Shannon scrambled to the other end of the house. Ungeist were making their way up the garden. Expeditiously making a start on a second barricade, Shannon lunged for the drinks cabinet and thrust it into the face of the exit. There was no way out for them now, but at least it meant no entrance for the Ungeist.

Lewis sprinted and stumbled over fallen trees and general plant litter, looking back every five seconds or so as something continued to follow him; he looked a mess. The fear, the guilt, the terror; hundreds of annulling emotions that declared Lewis a failure had all come together to form the wreck he was becoming. The intimidating trees acted as prison security, making sure he would never escape from the past, or the Ungeist for that matter. Despite the speed difference, the demon was somehow always behind him, and Lewis was beginning to tire.

The Ungeist had begun smashing down the doors. As Shannon stepped back, she could hear the glass being smashed and the monstrous hands making first contact with the furniture. The mountainous haul wouldn’t last very long, but at least it was stable for now. She knew the same couldn’t be said about Ari’s pile and made the decision to race back to the front of the house.
“Shannon, help me, please!” Ari screamed out just as Shannon appeared.
“I’m here, hang on! Stay calm, we can do this.” she reassured the princess, and herself.

Scampering through the undergrowth, now running out of steam, Lewis’ breathing was getting heavier. The odd tear would force it’s way down his face, no matter how much he’d try and refuse it. As he turned around to try and reassure himself he was losing the Ungeist, his heart started forcing its way up his throat as the demonic red robes were beginning to appear from out of the mist.

Both girls had their backs up against the conglomeration of furniture. Their arms were spread to try and spread the force they were exerting – it was no use. Hands came crashing in from behind them as the Ungeist splintered the randomly assembled paraphernalia. The girls let out desperate, blood-curdling screams as the Ungeist grabbed them from all directions.

Legs stumbling from a lack of energy, vision blurred by tears of terror, Lewis tripped over a protruding tree root, stuck out like a school bully waiting to trip the nerd. As his face was scratched by agonisingly painful kindling, the Ungeist grabbed his leg and began to pull backwards. Hands flaying all over the place, trying to hold on to anything he could, he called out in torment at the excruciating pain…

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Parisian Nights: 6 of 13. When Tommy and Edwin are summoned to Paris, they discover Brandon called out Lewis, James, and Shannon to help out in an investigation, only for Lewis to vanish. As the old friends unite under the light of the Eiffel Tower, they soon discover an old enemy lurking in the Parisian night…

The Normal People (I) – by Lewis Wollington

Episode 4 - The Normal People (Lewis)

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What’s Happened So Far:
After last week’s events, where Lana sacrificed herself to resurrect James from the death she blamed herself for, the team struggle to come to terms with what’s happened. Barely talking to each other, they take a break to a quiet village in the middle of the Black Forest, Germany, to mark the start of their ‘ordinary’ life, away from danger…

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Lewis solemnly stared out of the coach window. His reflection glared back at him. It was there to remind him that he was still alive and Lana wasn’t, but he looked right through it; not that he was looking at anything in particular. His eyes desperately searched for some kind of comfort, but the fields of muggy Germany offered no such serenity. As the raindrops fought their way down to the bottom of the window, the outside world was beginning to blur at the hands of Lewis’ breath. Not that he was going to wipe it away, he was too busy thinking; thinking about those same few moments that played in his mind over and over again like a broken record player. The harsh, scintillating sunlight that burnt an unseeable silhouette of Lana onto his memory; the pure force of the blast that resurrected James from a world he was not ready to visit; and those final words that had tattooed themselves to Lewis’ conscience like glue. Remember me. Those two words just wouldn’t leave him alone, it was as if Lana was ghosting right in front of him.

As the day turned to night, the coach entered the caliginous gateway to the Black Forest. James and Shannon had been sitting one back and one across from Lewis on the coach. They’d barely spoken to each other since what’d happened, let alone speak to Lewis. Sullen, exhausted, wounded; their crestfallen faces failed to hide the pain they were going through. Huge trees towered high above the coach, intimidating it, making it feel tiny. It’s the kind of observation Shannon would have made had her mind not been under the influence of a subconscious anaesthetic. Numbed to the point of sleeping with her eyes open, she hadn’t even noticed James crying every so often. He couldn’t even recall a time he’d cried before, never mind once every hour or so. A week had passed and the guilt had only continued to build and build, until a wall had been built, to separate himself from the real world and the prison he chose to lock himself inside. It was dark, so, so dark already, but the wall continued building, brick by brick; until eventually, any glimmer of hope that might force its way through the tiniest of crevices had been engulfed. James had been given a second chance at life, but he couldn’t see that, because all he could see was himself shouting at Lana moments before his death and hers. Even in his dying seconds, he never forgave her, and that’s something he’ll have to live with forever.

The Normal People Music:

Music for Cliffhanger

As Lewis hides in the kitchen, shaking with tremendous fear, an Ungeist makes it’s way through the house. Meanwhile, James, Shannon, and Princess Ari are surrounded in the village square by the Matron, the Ungeist, and a mob of fake villagers. The Matron makes her proposal clear: either they hand her over the princess, or all three of them will die…

Next Time:
The Blood of Stones: 5 of 13. Part 2 of 2. As the Matron and the Ungeist move in on the Princess; James and Shannon are desperate to keep her safe. But with Lewis lost deep in the Black Forest, and Shannon and James under attack, can anyone save the princess in time?

The Sun Dancers – by Lewis Wollington

Episode 3 - The Sun Dancers (Lana)

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What’s Happened So Far:
When Emily fails to turn up after being given the time crystal by Lewis, Lana is furious he made such a big decision by himself. Taking James and Shannon out on an investigation to prove they are just as good as he is, an urban subway turns out to be a portal to a spaceship orbiting the Earth. After being attacked by monks that worship the ashes of an ancient Sun God, the trio plan an escape. Things go from bad to worse however when James is stuck in an airlock under Lana’s instruction. As he loses air, Lana sets out to fix what she’s started. Lewis finally catches up and joins them onboard, but can he save them all?..

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“Shannon, what’s going on?” Lewis demanded, running over to her.
Shannon turned around, tears streaming down her face, “It’s James, I think he’s going to die!” she sobbed. Lewis pressed his hands up to the glass, helplessly and in horror as he saw James slowly slumping to the ground with every turn of the pressure gauge.
“Do one of these buttons work?” Lewis muttered as he tried anything he could to get the airlock open.
“It’s no use!” Shannon cried, “I’ve tried everything, it’s not opening!”
Lewis stopped, “Where’s Lana?” he enquired. Shannon shook her head in response with no clue whatsoever.

Two monks were trying to hold Lana down, one on each arm, but she was having none of it. A 360 degree forceful swing of the arms soon sent them tumbling to the ground, leaving Lana the last woman standing. Free to run, as the Sun’s rays approached the urn, Lana legged it. The rays finally touched, and the urn glowed burning yellow; the Sun God was awakening, and a host was required. As the monks desperately scrambled to beat her to it, Lana stormed in and violently smashed the urn off it’s podium, leaving the monks to watch on in horror. The Sun God was free, and Lana was ready to fulfil her destiny. As the glowing spirit-like dust circled yellow rings around her, Lana spread her arms and looked up to the ceiling. The ashes hailed their new master and lifted her slightly off the ground as the merge neared completion. As she was gently dropped, she turned around to the monks, her eyes burning brighter than the Sun itself. They fled, running for their lives towards the door, but it was all in vain. Lana held up her arm and formed a tight and angry fist. As she did so, the glass window began to crack, and the sunlight poured in, devouring the windows on the way. The monks were burnt up before they even had a chance to fall into the vacuum of space, and Lana watched on with vengeance.

As the oxygen levels neared zero, James was in a sweaty mess on the floor. While Shannon cried more with every second that went by, Lewis continued to bang on the glass, frighteningly frustrated. He stopped to let his eyes water up as he watched the oxygen gauge read zero. This was it. The end. But it couldn’t be, surely not? Lewis was always there to save them just in the nick of time, what happened, why didn’t he? As James peacefully closed his eyes, Shannon broke down in the corner. Quivering, Lewis was frozen for a few seconds before he slapped a hand over his face to cry the most agonisingly painful silent tears. So many great moments flashed before their eyes that they knew they’d never be able to experience again, not without James.

As Lana stood tolerating the thunderous solar winds that howled around her, she saw James die, reliving it in her mind’s eye over and over again. She blamed herself, and she was going to pay for what she’d done. Giving them no chance to even begin to accept what had happened, Lana slammed the doors open on Lewis and Shannon as they cowered at the bright light engulfing her.
“LANA!!” Lewis called out, “What have you done?” he sobbed.
“I am Raajox, the Sun God; the decider of death. Yet I am Lana Jones; the murderer but the bringer of hope – and I bring LIFE!”
With one jolted movement, Lana suddenly raised her arm and smashed a powerful beam of light through the airlock glass. Her body was clearly in pain but she daren’t stop. She kept on pushing the light out of her hand and into the airlock. With a co-ordinated awakening and sudden deep breath, James awoke from his deadly slumber and back into the world, resurrected before their eyes.
“I… I can see,” she whimpered innocently.
“What can you see?” Shannon asked, confused.
“Shannon, don’t,” Lewis replied.
“I can see everything that ever is and ever was. I can see everything that ever could be, should be and will be; and it burns.” Lana turned to face Lewis for help, “Oh Lewis it burns!”
“Let him go Lana! Pass him onto me, do what you will just let him GO!” Lewis protested, slamming the floor with a fist.
“Just shut up Lewis, just shut up, shut up, shut up!” Lana cried. “Let someone else be the hero for once! Because you know what, I may not be big enough, I may not be strong enough, and I’m certainly not mentally psyched enough to carry a god. But you know what I was? I was brave enough. Remember me, Lewis.” Lana smiled one last smile at him, and burnt up with the Sun God inside her, both never to be seen again.
As silence fell, a single tear solemnly streamed down Lewis’ cheek, “We got too used to winning.”

The Sun Dancers Music:

Lewis, Shannon, and James mourn over Lana’s death

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The Normal People: 4 of 13. Part 1 of 2. Struggling to deal with the events of last week, Lewis, James, and Shannon decide it’s time to pull the plug on investigations. In an attempt to take a break and start their new ‘normal’ life, the team take a holiday to a small village in the middle of the Black Forest, Germany. But with reports of an alien princess, and demons walking in the woods, can they resist?

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The Enemy of Disease (II) – by Lewis Wollington

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What’s Happened So Far:
In the New Bristol colony, Lana and the remaining rebels start out on their attack of the ‘government’. Meanwhile, escaping from the emergency cargo just in time, Lewis and Emily are forced to find an alternative entrance into the citadel. After following tunnels for a while, they finally stumble upon an unguarded entrance. Infiltrating the citadel, they come across even more unfriendly androids and come under serious fire. Sneaking out through the suspended animation chamber where Shannon is located, Lewis and Emily find James safe with the gentle Professor Kerswell – who found the cure for the disease two years ago.

Music for this Extract:


“So if you’ve found the cure, why are you allowing the human race to die out, become extinct?” Emily asked.
“Because I only had enough portaberum oil to cure five people of the disease,” the professor replied.
“But surely you could just go out and get some more from where you got the first load?” James joined in.
“Of course that’s what we did! But there were complications,” the professor stressed. “We only had two people left in the whole world that could fly the space vessels. All the others had contracted the disease. Unfortunately, at least one of the two drivers must have caught the disease before they’d left, as when they were coming back with barrels full of life-saving oil, they crashed the vessel onto the surface of the devastated wastelands above us.”
“And that’s why your masters have been sending you healthy rebels from the colonies?” Lewis asked gently. “To go out and retrieve the portaberum oil?”
“Exactly,” the professor replied.
James had questions whizzing around his brain that he feared asking would only result in more dark home truths. “So how come none of them returned?”
“Up there,” the professor pointed, “is so polluted and toxic that it would kill any man the second he emerged from underground.”
“So why do you send them up?!” Emily exclaimed, horrified.
“No, no, no, that’s not what kills them. Obviously anyone I send up to the surface is wearing specialist clothing, they look rather like astronauts actually, it’s almost endearing. No, no, it’s not the surface that kills them…” The professor gulped. “It’s what lives on the surface that does.”
“Lives?!” Lewis questioned. “How many more are there so completely against the idea of humanity’s survival?”
“Mutants,” the professor revealed with a dark and dulcet tone to his voice. “Once humans, those who were left behind have been modified by the toxic Earth so much that they don’t even resemble human beings anymore. Ugly, unintelligent, unknowing cannibals – the mutants are so hungry they’ll devour you the instant they know you’re there. Makes it rather difficult to retrieve portaberum oil a mile away don’t you think?”
“But it’s worth a try, isn’t it?” Emily stated bravely.
“What is, what’s worth a try?” Lewis responded, quickly and confused.
“Me, going up to the surface.”
“But you can’t, you’ll die!” James proclaimed.
“I’d rather die trying than sat around in these filthy tunnels, waiting for the magic fairies to come along, and make everything better!” She shouted, struggling to hold back the tears.
“I’m coming with you,” Lewis whispered.
“What?” James exclaimed, “but you don’t even live here, you haven’t been alive for nearly 200,000 years!”
“You said it yourself, James. We’re not leaving without Shannon, and the only way to leave with Shannon, is to get the cure. And as the professor’s just explained, the only way to get the cure, is to get that oil. I’m going with Emily.” he explained back, passionate about every word.
“Are you sure you want do this?” Emily asked, scared and unpatronising, looking him straight in the eye.
Lewis just smirked. “Let’s go meet some mutants.”

The Enemy of Disease Music:

Lewis, James, and Lana tell the story of Earth

Lewis gives Emily the Time Crystal

Next Time
The Sun Dancers: 3 of 13. Furious at Lewis for making decisions by himself all the time, Lana leads James and Shannon out on their own investigation. However things aren’t all as they seem as the team end up on a spaceship containing the ashes of an ancient Sun God. As the situation continues to spiral out of control, sacrifices must be made before the day is won.