The Sun Dancers – by Lewis Wollington

Episode 3 - The Sun Dancers (Lana)

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What’s Happened So Far:
When Emily fails to turn up after being given the time crystal by Lewis, Lana is furious he made such a big decision by himself. Taking James and Shannon out on an investigation to prove they are just as good as he is, an urban subway turns out to be a portal to a spaceship orbiting the Earth. After being attacked by monks that worship the ashes of an ancient Sun God, the trio plan an escape. Things go from bad to worse however when James is stuck in an airlock under Lana’s instruction. As he loses air, Lana sets out to fix what she’s started. Lewis finally catches up and joins them onboard, but can he save them all?..

Music for this Extract:


“Shannon, what’s going on?” Lewis demanded, running over to her.
Shannon turned around, tears streaming down her face, “It’s James, I think he’s going to die!” she sobbed. Lewis pressed his hands up to the glass, helplessly and in horror as he saw James slowly slumping to the ground with every turn of the pressure gauge.
“Do one of these buttons work?” Lewis muttered as he tried anything he could to get the airlock open.
“It’s no use!” Shannon cried, “I’ve tried everything, it’s not opening!”
Lewis stopped, “Where’s Lana?” he enquired. Shannon shook her head in response with no clue whatsoever.

Two monks were trying to hold Lana down, one on each arm, but she was having none of it. A 360 degree forceful swing of the arms soon sent them tumbling to the ground, leaving Lana the last woman standing. Free to run, as the Sun’s rays approached the urn, Lana legged it. The rays finally touched, and the urn glowed burning yellow; the Sun God was awakening, and a host was required. As the monks desperately scrambled to beat her to it, Lana stormed in and violently smashed the urn off it’s podium, leaving the monks to watch on in horror. The Sun God was free, and Lana was ready to fulfil her destiny. As the glowing spirit-like dust circled yellow rings around her, Lana spread her arms and looked up to the ceiling. The ashes hailed their new master and lifted her slightly off the ground as the merge neared completion. As she was gently dropped, she turned around to the monks, her eyes burning brighter than the Sun itself. They fled, running for their lives towards the door, but it was all in vain. Lana held up her arm and formed a tight and angry fist. As she did so, the glass window began to crack, and the sunlight poured in, devouring the windows on the way. The monks were burnt up before they even had a chance to fall into the vacuum of space, and Lana watched on with vengeance.

As the oxygen levels neared zero, James was in a sweaty mess on the floor. While Shannon cried more with every second that went by, Lewis continued to bang on the glass, frighteningly frustrated. He stopped to let his eyes water up as he watched the oxygen gauge read zero. This was it. The end. But it couldn’t be, surely not? Lewis was always there to save them just in the nick of time, what happened, why didn’t he? As James peacefully closed his eyes, Shannon broke down in the corner. Quivering, Lewis was frozen for a few seconds before he slapped a hand over his face to cry the most agonisingly painful silent tears. So many great moments flashed before their eyes that they knew they’d never be able to experience again, not without James.

As Lana stood tolerating the thunderous solar winds that howled around her, she saw James die, reliving it in her mind’s eye over and over again. She blamed herself, and she was going to pay for what she’d done. Giving them no chance to even begin to accept what had happened, Lana slammed the doors open on Lewis and Shannon as they cowered at the bright light engulfing her.
“LANA!!” Lewis called out, “What have you done?” he sobbed.
“I am Raajox, the Sun God; the decider of death. Yet I am Lana Jones; the murderer but the bringer of hope – and I bring LIFE!”
With one jolted movement, Lana suddenly raised her arm and smashed a powerful beam of light through the airlock glass. Her body was clearly in pain but she daren’t stop. She kept on pushing the light out of her hand and into the airlock. With a co-ordinated awakening and sudden deep breath, James awoke from his deadly slumber and back into the world, resurrected before their eyes.
“I… I can see,” she whimpered innocently.
“What can you see?” Shannon asked, confused.
“Shannon, don’t,” Lewis replied.
“I can see everything that ever is and ever was. I can see everything that ever could be, should be and will be; and it burns.” Lana turned to face Lewis for help, “Oh Lewis it burns!”
“Let him go Lana! Pass him onto me, do what you will just let him GO!” Lewis protested, slamming the floor with a fist.
“Just shut up Lewis, just shut up, shut up, shut up!” Lana cried. “Let someone else be the hero for once! Because you know what, I may not be big enough, I may not be strong enough, and I’m certainly not mentally psyched enough to carry a god. But you know what I was? I was brave enough. Remember me, Lewis.” Lana smiled one last smile at him, and burnt up with the Sun God inside her, both never to be seen again.
As silence fell, a single tear solemnly streamed down Lewis’ cheek, “We got too used to winning.”

The Sun Dancers Music:

Lewis, Shannon, and James mourn over Lana’s death

Next Time
The Normal People: 4 of 13. Part 1 of 2. Struggling to deal with the events of last week, Lewis, James, and Shannon decide it’s time to pull the plug on investigations. In an attempt to take a break and start their new ‘normal’ life, the team take a holiday to a small village in the middle of the Black Forest, Germany. But with reports of an alien princess, and demons walking in the woods, can they resist?

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