The Normal People (I) – by Lewis Wollington

Episode 4 - The Normal People (Lewis)

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What’s Happened So Far:
After last week’s events, where Lana sacrificed herself to resurrect James from the death she blamed herself for, the team struggle to come to terms with what’s happened. Barely talking to each other, they take a break to a quiet village in the middle of the Black Forest, Germany, to mark the start of their ‘ordinary’ life, away from danger…

Music for this Extract:


Lewis solemnly stared out of the coach window. His reflection glared back at him. It was there to remind him that he was still alive and Lana wasn’t, but he looked right through it; not that he was looking at anything in particular. His eyes desperately searched for some kind of comfort, but the fields of muggy Germany offered no such serenity. As the raindrops fought their way down to the bottom of the window, the outside world was beginning to blur at the hands of Lewis’ breath. Not that he was going to wipe it away, he was too busy thinking; thinking about those same few moments that played in his mind over and over again like a broken record player. The harsh, scintillating sunlight that burnt an unseeable silhouette of Lana onto his memory; the pure force of the blast that resurrected James from a world he was not ready to visit; and those final words that had tattooed themselves to Lewis’ conscience like glue. Remember me. Those two words just wouldn’t leave him alone, it was as if Lana was ghosting right in front of him.

As the day turned to night, the coach entered the caliginous gateway to the Black Forest. James and Shannon had been sitting one back and one across from Lewis on the coach. They’d barely spoken to each other since what’d happened, let alone speak to Lewis. Sullen, exhausted, wounded; their crestfallen faces failed to hide the pain they were going through. Huge trees towered high above the coach, intimidating it, making it feel tiny. It’s the kind of observation Shannon would have made had her mind not been under the influence of a subconscious anaesthetic. Numbed to the point of sleeping with her eyes open, she hadn’t even noticed James crying every so often. He couldn’t even recall a time he’d cried before, never mind once every hour or so. A week had passed and the guilt had only continued to build and build, until a wall had been built, to separate himself from the real world and the prison he chose to lock himself inside. It was dark, so, so dark already, but the wall continued building, brick by brick; until eventually, any glimmer of hope that might force its way through the tiniest of crevices had been engulfed. James had been given a second chance at life, but he couldn’t see that, because all he could see was himself shouting at Lana moments before his death and hers. Even in his dying seconds, he never forgave her, and that’s something he’ll have to live with forever.

The Normal People Music:

Music for Cliffhanger

As Lewis hides in the kitchen, shaking with tremendous fear, an Ungeist makes it’s way through the house. Meanwhile, James, Shannon, and Princess Ari are surrounded in the village square by the Matron, the Ungeist, and a mob of fake villagers. The Matron makes her proposal clear: either they hand her over the princess, or all three of them will die…

Next Time:
The Blood of Stones: 5 of 13. Part 2 of 2. As the Matron and the Ungeist move in on the Princess; James and Shannon are desperate to keep her safe. But with Lewis lost deep in the Black Forest, and Shannon and James under attack, can anyone save the princess in time?


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