The Blood of Stones (II) – by Lewis Wollington

Episode 5 - The Blood of Stones (The Ungeist)

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What’s Happened So Far:
After Lana’s death, the team decide to mark the start of a new ordinary life with a trip to the Black Forest. Barely talking to one another, Lewis moves into a state of depression while James and Shannon constantly remind themselves what happened. When they arrive, Lewis locks himself away in his bedroom, while Shannon and James explore what turns out to be quite an eerie village. When they meet an alien princess however, they vow to keep her safe from the bloodthirsty Matron and her demonic Ungeist. When all four are cornered by Ungeist, Lewis runs into the Black Forest, Shannon and Ari go back to the house while James hides away in the church…

Music for this Extract:

Ari’s eyes widened in horror as the Ungeist poured into the abandoned street. Coming in from north, east, and west, they walked with their hands together and their hoods up, slowly and in single file. Shannon quickly snapped out of her bored state of mind and rose from her chair in shock. Her mind rushed into overdrive as the cogs worked hard to find a decent solution in such a short time.
“BARRICADE THE DOOR!” she called out to Ari as the first Ungeist opened the front gate. Quickly joining Ari in the porch, Shannon frantically grabbed anything she could and desperately shoved it in front of the doorway. Shards of glass were flying everywhere as tables were smashed up against the entrance.
While everything around her moved at rapid speed, Shannon’s heart suddenly froze in terror, “Can they get in through the garden?”

Lewis looked around the caliginous and never-ending Black Forest, a tenebrous figure was lurking, he could feel its presence amongst the darkened mist, he just couldn’t see it. The Ungeist had followed him out of the house. He hadn’t got away yet but he was going to keep trying.

Ari kept piling furniture from the porch and lounge on top of the building heap as Shannon scrambled to the other end of the house. Ungeist were making their way up the garden. Expeditiously making a start on a second barricade, Shannon lunged for the drinks cabinet and thrust it into the face of the exit. There was no way out for them now, but at least it meant no entrance for the Ungeist.

Lewis sprinted and stumbled over fallen trees and general plant litter, looking back every five seconds or so as something continued to follow him; he looked a mess. The fear, the guilt, the terror; hundreds of annulling emotions that declared Lewis a failure had all come together to form the wreck he was becoming. The intimidating trees acted as prison security, making sure he would never escape from the past, or the Ungeist for that matter. Despite the speed difference, the demon was somehow always behind him, and Lewis was beginning to tire.

The Ungeist had begun smashing down the doors. As Shannon stepped back, she could hear the glass being smashed and the monstrous hands making first contact with the furniture. The mountainous haul wouldn’t last very long, but at least it was stable for now. She knew the same couldn’t be said about Ari’s pile and made the decision to race back to the front of the house.
“Shannon, help me, please!” Ari screamed out just as Shannon appeared.
“I’m here, hang on! Stay calm, we can do this.” she reassured the princess, and herself.

Scampering through the undergrowth, now running out of steam, Lewis’ breathing was getting heavier. The odd tear would force it’s way down his face, no matter how much he’d try and refuse it. As he turned around to try and reassure himself he was losing the Ungeist, his heart started forcing its way up his throat as the demonic red robes were beginning to appear from out of the mist.

Both girls had their backs up against the conglomeration of furniture. Their arms were spread to try and spread the force they were exerting – it was no use. Hands came crashing in from behind them as the Ungeist splintered the randomly assembled paraphernalia. The girls let out desperate, blood-curdling screams as the Ungeist grabbed them from all directions.

Legs stumbling from a lack of energy, vision blurred by tears of terror, Lewis tripped over a protruding tree root, stuck out like a school bully waiting to trip the nerd. As his face was scratched by agonisingly painful kindling, the Ungeist grabbed his leg and began to pull backwards. Hands flaying all over the place, trying to hold on to anything he could, he called out in torment at the excruciating pain…

Next Time:
Parisian Nights: 6 of 13. When Tommy and Edwin are summoned to Paris, they discover Brandon called out Lewis, James, and Shannon to help out in an investigation, only for Lewis to vanish. As the old friends unite under the light of the Eiffel Tower, they soon discover an old enemy lurking in the Parisian night…


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