Tribal – by Lewis Wollington

Episode 9 - Tribal (Lewis and the Orbs)

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What’s Happened So Far:
Arriving on the jungle planet of Koloko, Lewis, James and Shannon experience a rare moment of bliss where the universe is finally at peace with them…

Music for this Extract:

The jungles of Koloko were like paradise in physical form. Sun-draped canopies sheltered the paths of the jungle floor letting in just enough light for the ground to taste its warmth. The soils were littered with all sorts of strange and exotic plants; some bathed in the sunlight and were happy to live a permanent holiday, while others had big aspirations and reached up towards the sky.

All sorts of weird and wonderful animal noises echoed around the jungle; croaks, squaks, and grunts all came together to form a melody that danced beautifully towards your ears. The gentle flow of a river served as a backing track as it shone like sapphires in the sun. The water looked so clean and so pure that anyone who had ever taken a sip might write home about it for a hundred years to come.

The smell of the jungle had a hint of musty and a hint of wild animal, but nevertheless pleasant overall. It was the type of air to steam your glasses up if you’d forgotten to put them under a hand dryer first.

Everything reminded Shannon of her trips to Paignton Zoo as a child. She’d always imagined herself exploring jungles when she’d grown up, volunteering in South America on a gap year or something like that; but never in her wildest dreams had she imagined it to be on an alien planet. She stopped for a second to face up to the alien sun. She closed her eyes and inhaled a deep and calming breath as a harsh but soft light caressed the very fibres of her skin. Never before had she felt so at peace with herself as she did then. For a few seconds, nothing mattered, absolutely nothing, and it was so good.

As her eyes refocused on the environment around her, Shannon could see James and Lewis in the near distance looking up into the canopies. Lewis had a large branch in his hand as a pointer to show James whatever it was he’d seen up there. She could hear them muttering but couldn’t pick out any actual words. It might have been a bird, maybe a small mammal, or even an alien species of plant; whatever it was didn’t matter to Shannon. That moment was what she’d always wanted from her adventures with Lewis: to see new worlds and to enjoy time with her friends. To see James and Lewis not running away from a monster, not being chained up or threatened, not having to make an impossible decision, but looking at a tree, might just be the happiest moment of her life. The pure bliss of the situation bought a relaxed smile to her face; not a forced smile, rather one she had no control over – one that was going to be there whether she liked it or not.

As Lewis continued stressing over the fact James couldn’t see what he was pointing at, Shannon caught a glimmer out of the corner of her eye; a glimmer of light, a reflection of the Sun. Her smile had turned into a curious pout as she spotted a golden sphere buried amongst some grass. It laid there lifeless, not moving, not serving any kind of purpose. She looked over to see if the boys had noticed, but they were too busy squabbling or arguing or something like that. It made her smile once again. She wanted this moment to last forever, not to be interrupted for silly reasons. Deciding to let them be, Shannon squatted beside it for a closer inspection. She picked it up; nothing happened. Tilting it around with her hand, the sphere was engraved with strange markings that resembled circles within circles. She had a go at opening it and pulling it apart, but nothing budged. It looked pretty harmless, so it probably was. Plonking it in her handbag, the one Lewis calls the ‘Mary Poppins bag’, Shannon wanted to keep it as a souvenir, something she could look at to remind her of the moment she’d been waiting for for so long; and boy was it worth it.

Tribal Music

The Orbs emerge from the spheres

Next Time:
The Frozen Planet: 10 of 13. Travelling to the last planet on their round trip of the galaxy, the team arrive on the frozen planet of Nevaska. There they come face to face with the 7Alpen, terrifying creatures that have mutated into silent killers of the night. Trapped in a lighthouse with deadly fungus all around, can the team find a way out in time?


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