The Paradox is essentially a TV show I’ve created, except I don’t have funding from the BBC or a production crew or a full cast yet. So for the moment, The Paradox exists as this blog, with novelised extracts used to represent episodes, and other media products used to represent the series including videos, galleries, and character profiles.

Series 1 Synopsis:
The Paradox follows the adventures of Lewis, a boy from another planet who crashed to Earth after a miraculous rescue; but everything is not as it seems. With new friends James and Shannon by his side, Lewis discovers that he must create his past in the future, for all of space and time depends on it. Can he find the girl who saves the universe before it’s too late?

On completion of Series 1, I took on board all the feedback I received from fellow bloggers and other readers before I moved on to Series 2. Since then, I have made a bland looking blog into a website and I’ve done research into how to write better. Later on in 2015, I shall try and improve on what I’ve done for Series 1 while trying to stay true to the feel of that series, but for now, I leave you with Series 2…

Series 2 Synopsis:
The Paradox returns and Lewis, Lana, Shannon, and James are back for some more adventures. With the initial paradox off their chests, the team try to enjoy their new life of more freedom. However, as events take sinister turns and things spiral out of control, sacrifices must be made in order to fight the inner demons. Can they keep it together or will a new threat rise to power?


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