First Appearance: The Impossible Man

A human from another world, Lewis has to adapt to life on Earth quickly. His home planet was very natural and caring for the environment, but it was more technologically advanced than Earth and knew a rather lot more about other alien species’ too. Fortunately, when he arrives on Earth he meets James and Shannon who can advise him on Earth life. Meanwhile, Lewis can advise them on alien life as they fight monsters, face evil and save the world. Lewis is The Paradox. As his home planet was being sucked into a black hole, Lewis was saved by an Earth girl who was sent back in time by his future self to save him. Unfortunately for Lewis, the girl does not reveal her identity, or anything else that will happen in the future, leaving Lewis to solve the mystery of himself, by himself…

Shannon Brown


First Appearance: The Impossible Man

Bright, investigative, and in charge, Shannon is a wannabe doctor who may as well be James and Lewis’ mother. She is very sensible and puts up with a lot of teasing from the other two – taking no nonsense in the process! Teasing aside, Shannon gets on well with both Lewis and James, occasionally getting them out of a spot of bother. Braver than she gives herself credit for, when Shannon and James first met Lewis, they were chased around a forest by a savage cat from Lewis’ home world. When the two boys are cornered by the creature, Shannon uses the tools available and kills the creature with a tree branch and a lethal blow to the head. She is interested in the wonders of the universe and is desperate for Lewis to fix his spaceship so she can see another world…

James Hardy


First Appearance: The Impossible Man

A programme seller and humanities student, James is living an ordinary life when Lewis shows up. Reluctant at first, James soon finds himself in a world of monsters, villains and terrifying plots to take over the world. In the beginning, James tells Shannon he doesn’t trust Lewis and believes it all to be a prank for television. However, when he is nearly killed on several occasions, James accepts the hints and ends up saving the world. When asked once what is favourite hobby is, he replied “annoying Shannon.” Sarcastic on every level and never holding back when it comes to speaking his mind, James leaves a trail of verbal destruction in his wake. Despite his grumpy attitude, he gets on well with Lewis and Shannon, even if Shannon threatens to “throw him to the monsters” on more than one occasion…

Lana Jones


First Appearance: Eden

Self-proclaimed badass and fearless adventurer, Lana meets the Paradox team when her curiosity nearly gets the better of her at the Eden Research and Conservation Centre. Cheeky, sneaky and the only one with common sense, she often solves the easiest of problems when the others overcomplicate things. When it comes to her colleagues, she hits it off with Lewis immediately and is soon working well with Shannon. However, Lana and James have a few grudges against each other – Lana thinks James is ‘useless’ and James thinks Lana is ‘disruptive and rude’. But, when she and James are forced to work together in London, they prove to be a good team and put their differences behind them, for now…

On her visit to the desert planet of Arhania, a prophet tells Lana that her weird dreams have actually happened/are going to happen in the future. It’s with this mind-bending conundrum that she realises she is a huge part of the paradox, and everything starts coming together. At the Gates of Paradise, Lana finds a transdimensional teleporter and, recalling the number combination she’s used in her dreams, transports herself back in time to Lewis’ dying homeworld. There, she uses an abandoned spacesuit to conceal her identity, and takes Lewis to a spaceship salesman. After stealing a spaceship, they crashland on Earth in Hollycroft Woods. Leaving Lewis to fulfill his destiny, Lana runs off to fulfill her’s. Telling no-one what she was about to do, she breaks into her old home, and kills her parents to save herself from the menacing Company. The paradox is complete, and braveheart Lana breaks down crying.


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