1. The Impossible Man
  2. The Second Species
  3. Darkness Within
  4. The Girl in the Rain (I)
  5. Dark Storms (II)
  6. Eden
  7. The Ghost of Gallow House
  8. The Fear
  9. Terror of London (I)
  10. Nuclear Planet (II)
  11. The Prophets of Arhania
  12. Scream (I)
  13. The Gates of Paradise (II)
  14. Christmas in Manhattan (Christmas Special)


  1. Colony of the Future (I)
  2. The Enemy of Disease (II)
  3. The Sun Dancers
  4. The Normal People (I)
  5. The Blood of Stones (II)
  6. Parisian Nights
  7. The Empress Armageddon
  8. Night of the Worms
  9. Tribal
  10. The Frozen Planet
  11. The Doppelgänger Effect
  12. Invasion (I)
  13. The End of the Line (II)
  14. TBA (Christmas Special)

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