Monsters and Villains

Apalychan Cyborg

Apalychan Cyborg (The Second Species)

First Appearance: The Second Species

Lonely and misunderstood, the Apalychan Cyborgs just wanted a home; it didn’t stop them killing though…

Crashing to Earth in 1945, the Apalychan Cyborgs landed at Gallow House. Pleased with their new home, Lord and Lady Gallow ran a trial with them at their mansion to see if man and alien really could live together. After catching a virus however, some went insane and started murdering the residents and workers of the house.

In the present day, they were rediscovered by Lewis, James and Shannon under Gallow House still attempting to find home elsewhere. However, when the diseased were let loose, the killing began all over again…

Lord Gallow

First Appearance: The Second Species
Most Recent Appearance: The Ghost of Gallow House

Deluded by his wife’s death and distorted by a time leak, Lord Gallow is the Ghost of Gallow House himself; and he’ll do anything to hide his deadly secret…

When the Apalychan Cyborgs landed at his mansion, Lord Gallow got more than he bargained for when he was given power of unearthly origin. However, when investigators began looking into his wife’s death, he organised a massacre to get rid of anyone close to the secret. Using his ability to access time, he brought all the investigators from across a time period spanning 150 years to Gallow House. There, he organised for the Witches to kill them all…

‘The Girl in the Rain’

First Appearance: The Girl in the Rain
Most Recent Appearance: Dark Storms

Queen of the Cran, ‘The Girl in the Rain’ was always one of the first to explore a planet to check if it’s inhabitants were suitable to feast on…

Using a native body as a host, the queen of the Cran acquired the name ‘the Girl in the Rain’ from the way she silently stalked her next victims. Honoured by her race, she was always one of the first group to land on the planet that the Cran were planning on devouring next. On Earth, she first assumed the body of a homeless tramp. When the body was wounded, Lewis thought the war was practically over. However, the queen lived on in static form and went on to claim the body of poor Miss Matthews…



First Appearance: The Girl in the Rain
Most Recent Appearance: Dark Storms

Travelling from planet to planet through lightning, the Cran are a deadly swarm with one motive: to devour.

The Cran themselves only exist in static form. However, they can use silicon suits to move around in the rain while the queen finds a native body to use as a host. In the present day, a group of Cran followed their queen through the time rift to investigate the suitability of Earth as a feeding ground. After a successful battle against Lewis and a group of friends, the Cran called for reinforcements; and an entire species came running…

Ms Jackson


First Appearance: Eden

With a PhD in botany and technically a doctor, Ms Jackson is in charge of the Eden Research and Conservation Centre (ERCC) and will do anything to protect her beloved plants…

When she discovered a new species of plant, Ms Jackson dedicated a whole research centre into finding ways to help it survive. When the plant started releasing hormones that played with her mind however, she resorted to using humans for experiments. Slightly misunderstood, she met a sticky end when the plant had ideas of its own and absorbed Ms Jackson to use as a host…


First Appearance: Eden

When botanist Ms Jackson discovered a new plant never seen before, no one expected it to be an alien one seeking evolution through humans…

After Ms Jackson set up a research centre to find out more about her discovery, she began to make extraordinary progress. However, Eden was more than she could have ever imagined and began to release hormones to control her mind. Experiments were carried out in which Eden’s DNA was mixed with Human DNA and failed experiment zombies were born. Eden had it’s own ideas however as when it was time to ‘flower’, he absorbed Ms Jackson to grow and evolve to giant size…


First Appearance: The Ghost of Gallow House

When it was announced a witch hunt was to take place at Gallow House, no one expected the Witches to be doing the hunting…

Employed by Lord Gallow to kill anyone close to the truth of Gallow House, the Witches happily served as it meant dinner for them. Evil and nasty, the Witches aren’t nice in any way thinkable. With their cackling screams and vile appearance, they can semi-fly consuming their victims in an instant as they descend. Ultimately, they messed with the wrong person in James when they took the life of poor Rachel…

The Nightmare


First Appearance: The Fear

With frightening powers and a sickening appetite, The Nightmare is one scary lady. Sending you into your own individual world of darkness, face your fears or die…

A hungry criminal that fled through the time rift, The Nightmare creates a living nightmare inside your head. Once there, she’ll feed off your fear as you face your worst nightmares in a labyrinth she’s created especially for you. Her henchmen aren’t far behind either and once they find you, it’s game over. The only way out is death at the finish line, so only those with extreme courage have even the smallest chance of survival…


First Appearance: The Fear

The Nightmare’s virtual assassins, the Henchmen are the biggest cause of death in dreams…

While your biggest fears are so harmless they can’t even touch you, the Henchmen aren’t so kind. Sent into your dream to catch up with you, fearless and unintelligent, their only motive is too kill. The Nightmare keeps you alive for a bit so she can feed off your fear, but once she’s finished, the Henchmen are sent to discard of you. In other words, they’re coming to kill you…


First Appearance: Terror of London
Most Recent Appearance: Nuclear Planet

Krub, Kastra, Jax and Thul, better known as the last of the Crabatchi, escaped extinction using a time crystal; and a time crystal’s just what Lewis is after…

With their home planet lost in time and in desperate need of a new breeding ground, the last of the Crabatchi came to London through the time rift. After kidnapping a scientist from the future and setting up a secret lab at the National Science Museum, they planned to rid Earth of the human race. Ready to release fatal gases into the atmosphere, these shape-shifting, indestructible scientists played with Lewis’ guilty conscience when he realised they were only trying to survive like he was. With Lewis feeling he’s not allowed to stop them, will anyone step up to the mark in time…?


First Appearance: Scream
Most Recent Appearance: The Gates of Paradise

The Banshees are universal scavengers that feed off the rifts in time. However, if you see a Banshee, it means there is an even greater threat lying in the shadows…

The Banshees’ wails cause you to lose your mind. Relentless in their mad howling, the Banshees follow their victims and drive them slowly insane with their high pitched screaming. Horrific yet addictive, at first the noise intrigues, but before long it begins destroying your senses. Then, determined and persistent, they attack…



First Appearance: The Ghost of Gallow House
Most Recent Appearance: The Gates of Paradise

Don’t look behind you…

‘Invisibles’, ‘The Darkness’; no one actually knows their name. Creatures from the dark dimension, Invisibles stalk you until you feel their presence; once you turn around, you’ve had it.

Feeding off energy from rifts in time, the Invisibles came to Earth in search of Lewis and the paradox. When on Arhania, Larana’s dying message to Lewis, James and Lana was “don’t look behind you”. Despite the fact you might have been warned, the way the Invisibles play with your senses, you just need to have a quick look…


3 thoughts on “Monsters and Villains

  1. Wow you really go in depth with your story. I like the way you know your own story; too many writers create worlds that they don’t even know about themselves. Nice pictures! Do you have a lot of friends that help you out with this stuff???

    • Thanks man! I have a few friends I discuss ideas with and they read over my stories but I write everything (apart from one episode I gave to a friend to write.) However, the characters are based on my friends and I’ve filmed some trailers with them so it makes it easier to write actually. And I really wanted to get to know my stories and upload as much as possible so I can feel like I’ve properly finished Series 1 before moving onto Series 2. Like you say, don’t want to start getting the continuity wrong in the future so I’m doing it slow and steady. Do you have friends that know about your blog? Because if not, I’d recommend telling a couple about it so you can start bouncing ideas off them, it really helps!!

      • You’re welcome!
        Ah, that’s nice that you have a lot of friends that can help you. I’ve thought of making a trailer, but I never thought we had the resources to do it…sounds fun, in any case! And actually, the majority of the followers on my blog are my friends or family. Most of them know a lot about my book and the plot, and it HAS been a help to hear there critiques and opinions regarding the story. Thanks for the advice!

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